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The UEE uses American spelling (see the UEE style sheet). For Egyptian terms and names (ancient and modern) the preferred spelling is listed here. The most common alternatives are indicated, but only the preferred spelling will be used in the articles. This list is in development and will be gradually expanded. For key terms and names contributors are requested to include, in addition to the English spelling, the hieroglyphic spelling (including variants), and transcription.

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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
el-Abadiya Abadiya Place  
Abbasiya   Place  
Abu Ghurab   Place  
Abu Rawash Abu Rowash Place  
Abu Simbel   Place  
Abqiq Abgig Place  
Abusir   Place  
Abusir el-Melek   Place  
Abuqir   Place Kanopos
Abydos   Place  
Adaima   Place  
Aha   Person  
Ahmose ‘Ahmose Person Nebpehtyra
Akhenra Setepenra Akhenre‘ setepenre‘ Person Siptah
Aakheperra Setepenamen ‘Akheperre‘ setepenamun Person Psusennes I
Aakheperra Setepenra ‘Akheperre‘ setepenre‘ Person Osorkon I “the elder”
Aakheperkara ‘Akheperkare‘ Person Thutmose I
Aakheperenra ‘Akheperenre‘ Person Thutmose II
Akhetaten Akhetaton Place  
Aakheperra ‘Akheperre‘ Person Shoshenq V
Aakheperra Setepenamen ‘Akheperre‘ setepenamun Person Osorkon V
Aakheperura ‘Akheperure‘ Person Amenhotep II
Aghurmi el-Aghurmi Place  
Ain Amur   Place  
Ain Manawir Ayn Manawir Place  
Aker   God  
Akhenaten Akhenaton
Person Amenhotep IV
Neferkheperura Waenra
Akhmenu   Place  
Akhmim   Place  
Akoris Hakor, Hakoris Place  
Alexander   Person  
Amada   Place  
Amarna   Term  
el-Amarna el-‘Amarna, Tell el-Amarna Place Akhetaten
Amasis Ahmose II Person Khnemibra
Amenemhat Amenemhet Person  
Amenemnisu   Person Neferkara
Amenemope   Person Usermaatra Setepenamen
Amenhotep Amenophis Person Djeserkara (I)
Aakheperura (II)
Nebmaatra (III)
Neferkheperura Waenra (IV)
Akhenaten (IV)
Amenmesse   Person Menmira
Amheida Amhada Place  
el-Amra   Place  
Amunherkhepshef   Person  
Amyrtaios   Person  
An-Her Anhur, Han-Her God Arensnuphis, Onuris
Anedjib   Person  
Aniba   Place  
Ankhtifi   Person  
Ankhwennefer   Person  
Antinoopolis Antinopolis Place Establ Antar, Speos Artemidos
Anuket Anuqet, Anukis God  
Apep Apophis, Apepi Person  
Apries   Person Haibra
Arensnuphis   God Onuris, An-Her
Argo   Place  
Arikeamenote   Person  
Armant   Place Hermonthis
Arses   Person  
Arsinoe   Person  
Arsinoe (1)   Place Cleopatris, Suez
Arsinoe (2)   Place Crocodilopolis, Medinet el-Fayum, Kiman Faris, Shehdet
Artaxerxes   Person  
Asasif ‘Asasif Place  
el-Ashmunein   Place  
Assiut Asyut Place  
Aswan Assuan, Assouan Place Syene
Athribis   Place  
Ausim   Place Letopolis, Khem
Awibra Awibre‘ Person Hor
Aye Aya, Eje Person Kheperkheperura
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Preferred Spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
ba   Term  
Bacchias   Place Kom el-Atl
Badari   Place  
Baenra Merynetjeru Baenre‘ merynetjeru Person Nepherites I
Baenra Hotephermaat Baenre‘ hotephirma‘at Person Merenptah
Bahariya oasis Bahriya Place  
Bakara Bakare‘ Person Tanutamani
Bakenrenef Bocchoris Person Wahkara
Balat   Place  
Ballana   Place  
Batn el-Haggar Batn el-Hagar Place  
Batn Ihrit   Place Theadelphia
Behbet el-Haggar Behbeit el-Hagar Place  
Behdet Behedet Place  
Beni Hassan Beni Hasan Place  
Beni Suef Region Beni Sueif, Beni Sueef Place  
Berenike Berenice Person  
Berenike Berenice Place Medinet el-Haras
Beyt Khallaf Beit Khallaf Place  
Beyt el-Wali Beit el-Waly Place  
Biga Bigga Place  
Birket Habu   Place  
Bubastis   Place Tell Basta
Buchis Bakh God  
Byahmu Biyahmu Place  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Cleopatra Kleopatra Person  
Crocodilopolis Crokodilopolis, Krocodilopolis Place Arsinoe, Medinet el-Fayum, Kiman Faris, Shehdet
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Dabud Dabod Place  
Dahshur Dashur Place  
Dakhla oasis   Place  
el-Dakka   Place  
Dangeil   Place  
Darius   Person  
Den   Person  
Dendara Denderah Place  
Deir el-Bahri Deir el-Bahari Place  
Deir el-Ballas   Place  
Deir el-Bersha Deir el-Bersheh Place  
Deir el-Gabrawi   Place  
Deir el-Medina Deir el-Medineh Place  
Deir el-Shelwit Deir el-Shalwit Place  
Dendur   Place  
el-Derr Derr Place  
Deshasha Dishasha Place  
Dimai Dime, Dimai el-Sebakh Place Soknopaiou Nesos
Diocletian   Person  
Dionysias   Place Qasr Qarun
Djehutihotep   Person  
Djedkara Djedkare‘ Person  
Djedkaura Djedkaure‘ Person Shebitqo
Djer   Person  
Djeserkara Djeserkare‘ Person Amenhotep I
Djeserkheperura Djeserkheprure‘ Person Horemheb
Dra Abu el-Naga Dra‘ Abu el-Naga‘ Place  
Dush Qasr Dush Place  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Edfu   Place  
Elephantine   Place  
Esna   Place  
Establ Antar Istabl Antar, Estable 'Antar Place Speos Artemidos, Antinoopolis
Euhemeria   Place Qasr el-Banat
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Farafra   Place  
Fayum el-Fayum, Faiyum, Fayyum, Fayoum Place  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Gebel   Place  
Gebel el-Asr   Place "Chephren's Quarry"
Gebel el-Ahmar   Place  
Gebel Hafafit   Place  
Gebel el-Mawta Gebel el-Mawata, Gabal el-Mawta Place  
Gebel Migif   Place  
Gebel el-Silsila   Place  
Gebel el-Teir   Place  
Gebel Uweinat Gabal 'Owainat Place  
Gebel Zabara   Place  
Gebelein   Place  
Gerf Hussein   Place  
Gerra   Place Mahammediya
Gerza   Place  
Giza   Place  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Hadrian   Person  
Haibra   Person   Apries
Hakoris Hakor, Akoris Person Khemmaatra
el-Halfaya Bahari   Place  
el-Halfaya Qibli   Place  
el-Hammam   Place  
Hammamiya   Place  
Hapi Hapy God  
Harendotes   God  
Harnedjheriotef   Person Hetepibra
Harpara   God  
Hathor   God  
Hatnub   Place  
Hatshepsut   Person    Maatkara
Hawara   Place  
el-Hayz el-Haiyz Place  
Heliopolis   Place Iunu
Helwan   Place  
Hekakheperra Setepenra Heqakheperre‘ setepenre‘ Person Shoshenq II
Hekamaatra Setepenamen Heqama‘atre‘ setepenamun Person Ramesses IV
Heqaib   Person  
Herakleion   Place  
Herishef Harsaphes God  
Hermonthis   Place Armant
Hetepibra   Person Harnedjheriotef
Hetepsekhemwy Hotepsekhemuy Person  
Hedjkheperra Setepenra Hedjkheperre‘ setepenre‘ Person Smendes
Shoshenq I
Takelot II
el-Hiba el-Heba, el-Hibeh, Hibeh Place   
Hiw Hiu Place  
Hor   Person Awibra
Horemheb Haremhab Person Djeserkheperura
Horus   God  
Huni   Person  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Ihnasya el-Medina   Place  
Imhotep   Person  
Intef Inyotef Person Sehertawy (I)
Wahankh (II)
Nakhtnebtepnefer (III)
Ipet-resyt   Place  
Irmaatenra Irma‘atenre‘ Person Teos
Ismailiya Ismalia Place  
Itytawy   Place  
Iunu   Place Heliopolis
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
ka   Term  
Elkab el-Kab Place  
Kalabsha   Place  
Kamose   Person Wadjkheperra
Kamutef   Person  
Kanopos   Place Abuqir
Karanis   Place Kom Aushim
Karanog   Place  
Karnak   Place  
Kashta   Person Nimaatra
Kellis   Place  
Kematef   Deity  
Kerkeosiris   Place el-Kharag el-Sultani?
Khaankhra Kha‘ankhre‘ Person Sobekhetep I
Khaba Kha‘ba Person  
Khababash   Person Senentanen Setepenptah
Khaemwaset   Person  
Khafra Chephren, Khephren, Re‘kha‘ef Person  
el-Kharag el-Sultani el-Charag el-Sultani Place Kerkeosiris?
Kharga oasis   Place  
Khasekhem Kha‘sekhem Person  
Khasekhemwy Kha‘sekhemuy Person  
Khem   Place Letopolis
Khemmaatra Khemma‘atre‘ Person Hakor
Kheperkara Kheperkare‘ Person Nectanebo I
Kheperkheperura Kheperkheperure‘ Person Aye
Khepermaatra Setepenra Kheperma‘atre‘ Setepenre‘ Person Ramesses X
Khety   Person  
Khian   Person  
Khnemibra Khnemibre‘ Person Amasis
Ahmose II
Khnum   God  
Khons   God  
Khufu Cheops Person   
Khunefertemra Khure nefertem Taharqo  
Khutawyra Khutawyre‘ Person Wegaf
el-Khokha   Place  
Kom Abu Billo   Place Terenuthis
Kom el-Ahmar   Place  
Kom el-Atl Kom el-Asl Place Bacchias
Kom Aushim Kom Oshim Place Karanis
Kom el-Kharaba el-Kebir Kom el-Charaba el-Kebir Place Philadelphia
Kom Medinet Ghurab Gurob Place  
Kom Ombo   Place  
Kom Ruqaya Kom Ruqaiya Place  
Kor   Place  
Krokodilopolis Crocodilopolis Place Arsinoe
Kiman Faris
Medinet el-Fayum
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Preffered spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
el-Lahun Kahun Place  
Lake Moeris   Place  
Latopolis   Place Esna
Letopolis   Place Khem
el-Lisht   Place  
Luxor   Place  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Maadi el-Ma'adi Place  
Maakherura   Person Amenemhat IV
Maat Ma‘at God  
maat ma‘at Term  
Maatkara Ma‘atkare‘ Person Hatshepsut
Magdola   Place Medinet Nahas
Mahammediya   Place Gerra
el-Mahasna   Place  
Maidum Maydum, Meidum Place  
Malqata el-Malqata Place  
Mandulis   God  
Marina el-Alamein Marina el-Al'amein Place  
Marsa Gawasis Mersa Gawasis Place  
el-Matariya   Place Heliopolis
Matmar el-Matmar Place  
Medamud Naga el-Medamud, Nag' el-Medamud Place  
Medinet el-Fayum   Place Krokodilopolis
Kiman Faris
Medinet Habu   Place  
Medinet el-Haras   Place Berenike
Medinet Madi Medinet Maadi Place Narmuthis
Medinet Nahas   Place Magdola
Medinet Watfa   Place Philoteris
Meir   Place  
Memphis   Place  
Menes   Person  
Menkaura Mycerinus, Mykerinos Person  
Menkauhor   Person  
Menkheperra Menkheperre‘ Person Thutmose III
Menkheperura Menkheprure‘ Person Thutmose IV
Menmaatra Menma‘atre‘ Person Sety I
Menmaatra Setepenptah Menma‘atre‘ Setepenptah   Ramesses XI
Menmira Menmire‘ Person Amenmesse
Menpehtyra Menpehtire‘ Person Ramesses I
Mentuemhat   Person  
Mentuemsaf Mentuemzaf Person  
Mentuhotep Mentuhetep, Mentuhotpe Person  
Menuthis Menouthis Place  
Merenra Merenre‘ Person  
Merenra Nemtyemsaf Merenre‘ Nemtyemzaf Person  
Mereruka   Person  
Meroe   Place  
Merykara Merykare‘ Person  
Meryra Meryre‘ Person Pepy I
Merenptah Merneptah Person Baenra Hotephermaat
Merimde Beni-Salame   Place  
Metjetji   Person  
Minshat Abu Omar Minshat Abu ‘Omar Place  
Minya Miniya Place  
Mirgissa   Place Shalfak
Mit Rahina   Place  
el-Moalla el-Mo‘alla Place  
Montu Monthu God  
Muqattam Mokattam Place  
Myos Hormos   Place  
Mons Claudianus   Place  
Mons Porphyrites   Place  
Mons Smaragdus   Place  
Mostagedda An Nazlah el-Mustajiddah Place  
Muharraqa Maharraqa Place  
Musawwarat el-Sufra Musawwaret el-Sufara Place  
Mut el-Kharab   Place  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Nadura Kom el-Nadura Place  
Naga el-Deir Nag-ed-Der, Nag' el-Deir Place  
Nakht   Person  
Nakhtnebtepnefer   Person Intef III
Napata   Place  
Naqa Naq'a Place  
Naqada Nagadah Place  
Narmuthis Narmouthis Place Medinet Madi
Naukratis   Place  
Nebkheperura Nebkheperure‘ Person Tutankhamen
Necho Nekau Person  
Nectanebo I Netanebes, Nakhtnebef Person Kheperkara
Nectanebo II Nektanebos, Nakhtnebef Person Senedjemibra Setepenanhur
Neferibra Neferibre‘ Person Psamtik II
Neferkara Neferkare‘ Person Pepy II
Neferkheperura Waenra Neferkheperure‘ Wa‘enre‘ Person Akhenaten, Amenhotep IV
Nebmaatra Meryamen Nebma‘atre‘ Meryamun Person Ramesses VI
Nebpehtyra Nebpehtire‘ Person  Ahmose
Nebtawyra Nebtawyre‘ Person  
Neferhotep   Person  
Neferkara Setepenra Neferkare‘ setepenre‘ Person Ramesses IX
Neferneferuaten   Person  
Nefertari   Person  
Nefertiti   Person  
Neferusobek Nefrusobk Person  Sobekkara
Neith   God  
Nekhbet   God  
Nekhen   Place  
Nemtyemsaf Nemtyemzaf Person  
Nepherites   Person Baenra Merynetjeru (I)
Netjerkheperra Setepenamen Netjerkheperre‘  Setepenamun Person Siamen
Nimaatra Nima‘atre‘ Person  Amenemhat III
Ninetjer   Person  
Niuserra Niuserre, Neuserre‘ Person  
Nuri   Place  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
el-Omari   Place  
Ombos Nbwt Place Kom Ombo
Onuris Onouris God Arensnuphis, An-Her
Osorkon   Person Aakheperra Setepenra (I)
Sekhemkheperra Setepenra (II)
Usermaatra Setepenamen (III)
Usermaatra Setepenamen (IV)
Aakheperra Setepenamen (V)
Oxyrhynchus   Place  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Pami Pimay Person Usermaatra Setepenra/amen
Panebtawy-pa-khered   God  
Petubaste Petubastis Person Usermaatra (I)
Peftjauawybast peftjau‘awybast Person Neferkara
Pelusion Pelusium Place  
Pepy Pepi Person Meryra (Pepy I)
Peribsen   Person  
Philadelphia   Place Kom el-Kharaba el-Kebir
Philae   Place  
Philoteris   Place Medinet Watfa
Piankhy Piye Person  
Pinedjem Pinudjem Person  
Pi-Ramesse   Place  
Pi-Sopdu Per-Soped, Per-Sopdu, Pi-Soped Place  
Piye Piankhy Person Usermaatra
Psammuthis   Person Userra Setepenptah
Psammetichus Psamtek, Psamtik Person Wahibra (I)
Neferibra (II)
Psusennes Pasebakhaenniut Person Aakheperra Setepenamen (I)
Titkheperura Setepenra (II)
Ptolemies Lagides Term  
Ptolemy Ptolemeus, Ptolemaeus, Ptolemaios Person  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Qaa Qa‘a Person  
el-Qara el-Hamra   Place  
Qarat el-Muzawwaqa   Place  
Qaret Rusas   Place  
Qasr el-Aquz Qasr el- 'Aquz Place  
Qasr el-Banat   Place Euhemeria
Qasr el-Ghuweida Qasr el-Ghueida, Qasr el-Ghuweita Place  
Qasr Ibrim   Place  
Qasr Qarun   Place Dionysias
Qasr el-Sagha   Place  
Qasr Zaiyan   Place  
Qau el-Kebir Qaw el-Kebir Place  
Qena Region   Place  
Qirtasi Kertassi Place  
Qubbet el-Hawa   Place  
Quft Qift Place  
Qurna   Place  
Qurnet Murai Qurnet Mura‘i Place  
Qus   Place  
Quseir el-Qadim   Place  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Ra Re God  
Radjedef Djedefra, Re‘djedef Person  
Ramesses Ramses, Ramsis, Rameses Person Menpehtyra (I)
Usermaatra Setepenra (II)
Usermaatra Meryamen (III)
Hekamaatra Setepenamen (IV)
Usermaatra Sekheperenra (V)
Nebmaatra Meryamen (VI)
Usermaatra Setepenra Merytamen (VII)
Usermaatra Akhenamen (VIII)
Neferkara Setepenra (IX)
Khepermaatra Setepenra (X)
Menmaatra Setepenptah (XI)
Ramesside   Term  
el-Ranan Canal   Place  
Raneb Re‘neb Person  
Raneferef Neferefra, Ra‘neferef Person  
Renenutet Renenet God Thermuthis
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Sa el-Haggar Sa el-Hagar Place Sais
el-Saff   Place  
Saft el-Henna Saft el-Hina, Saft el-Hinna, Saft el- Hennah Place  
Sais   Place Sa el-Haggar
Sakhmet Sekhmet God  
Salitis   Person  
Samanud Samannud Place  
Samannud Asammanud Place Sebennytos
San el-Haggar San el-Hagar Place Tanis
Sanakht Zanakht Person  
Sanam   Place  
Saqqara Sakkara, Saqara, Saqqarah Place  
Sarenput   Person  
Satet Satis God  
Sayala   Place  
Seankhkara S‘ankhkare‘ Person  
Sebennytos   Place Samannud
Sedeinga   Place  
Sedment   Place  
Sehel Geziret Sehel Place  
Sehertawy   Person Intef I
Sehertawy   Person  
Sehetepibra   Person  
Seila Sila Place  
Sekhemkheperra Setepenra Sekhemkheperre‘ setepenre‘ Person Osorkon II
Semaina   Place  
Semenkhkara Smenkhkare‘ Person Ankh kheperura
Semerkhet   Person  
Senakhtenra Senakhtenre‘ Person Tao I
Seneferu Snofru Person  
Senenmut   Person  
Senentanen Setepenptah   Person Khababash
Senusret Senwosret Person  
Seqenenra Seqenenre‘ Person Tao II
Serabit el-Khadim Sarabit el-Khadim Place  
Serapis Sarapis God  
Sesebi   Place  
Sethnakhte   Person Userkhaura Meryamen
Sety Sethos, Seti Person Menmaatra (I)
Userkheperura Setepenra (II)
Shabaqo Shabaka Person Neferkara
Shabitqo Shebitku Person  
shabti Object
Shalfak Shelfak Place Mirgissa
el-Sheikh Ibada el-Sheikh ‘Ibada Place  
el-Sheikh Said   Place  
Shenhur Shanhur Place  
Shepseskaf   Person  
Shepsesra   Person Tefnakhte?
Sheshi   Person  
Shesmetet   God  
Shoshenq Sheshonq, Sheshonk Person Hedjkheperra Setepenra (I)
Hekakheperra Setepenra (II)
Usermaatra Setepenra/amen (III)
Aakheperra (V)
Siamen Siamun Person Netjerkheperra Setepenamen
Sikait   Place  
Sinai   Place  
Siptah Saptah Person Akhenra Setepenra
Sitra Merytamen Sitre‘ Meritamun Person Tauseret
Siwa oasis   Place  
Smendes   Person Hedjkheperra Setepenra
Sobekhotep Sebekhotep Person Kha ankhra
Sobekkara Sebekkare‘ Person Neferusobek
Sokar   God  
Soknopaiou Nesos Socnopaiou Nesos Place Dimai
Soleb   Place  
Sopdu Soped God  
Speos Artemidos   Place Establ Antar, Antinoopolis
Suez   Place Arsinoe
Syene   Place Aswan
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Taharqo Taharqa, Taharka Person Khunefertemra
Takelot   Person Usermaatra Setepenamen (I)
Hedjkheperra Setepenra (II)
Tanis   Place San el-Haggar
Tanutamani Tantamani Person Bakara
Tao Ta‘o Person Senakhtenra (Tao I)
el-Tarif   Place  
Tauseret Tausret, Twosret Person Sitra Merytamen
Tebtunis Tebtynis Place Umm el-Baraqat
Tefnakhte   Person Shepsesra?
Tell Atrib   Place  
Tell Basta   Place Bubastis
Tell el-Balamun el-Balamun, Balamun Place  
Tell el-Dabaa Tell el-Daba‘a Place   Avaris
Tell el-Farain Tell el-Fara‘in Place Buto
Tell el-Hebwa Tell el-Heboua Place  
Tell el-Herr Tell el-Heir Place  
Tell Ibrahim Awad Ezbet Ibrahim 'Awad Place  
Tell el-Maskhuta   Place  
Tell el-Muqdam Tell el-Moqdam Place  
Tell el-Ruba Tell el-Rub' Place  
Tell el-Timai Tell Timai Place  
Tell el-Yahudiya   Place  
Teos   Person Irmaatenra
Terenuthis   Place Kom Abu Billo
Tety Teti Person  
Theadelphia   Place Batn Ihrit
Thebes   Place  
Thermuthis   God Renenutet
Thoth Thot God  
Thutmose Thutmoses, Thutmosis, Djehutymes Person Aakheperkara (I)
Aakheperenra (II)
Menkheperra (III)
Menkheperura (IV)
Tihna el-Gebel   Place  
Titkheperura Setepenra Titkheprure‘ setepenre‘ Person Psusennes II
Tiy Tiye Person  
Tod   Place  
Trajan   Person  
Tukh   Place  
Tuna el-Gebel   Place  
Tura   Place  
Tutankhamen Tutankhamun, Tutankhamon Person Nebkheperura
Tuya   Person  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Umm el-Baraqat Umm el-Baragat Umm el-Brigat Place Tebtunis
Umm el-Qaab Umm el-Qa'ab Place  
Umm el-Sawan   Place  
Umm Ubeida Umm el-Ebeida, Umm 'Ubeida Place  
Unas Wenis Person  
Uronarti   Place  
Userhat   Person  
Userkaf   Person  
Userkhaura Meryamen   Person Sethnakhte
Userkheperura Setepenra Userkheprure‘ Setepenre‘ Person Sety II
Usermaatra Userma‘atre‘ Person Pedubaste I
Usermaatra Akhenamen Userma‘atre‘ Akhenamun Person Ramesses VIII
Usermaatra Meryamen Userma‘atre‘ Meryamun Person Ramesses III
Usermaatra Sekheperenra Userma‘atre‘ Sekheperenre‘ Person Ramesses V
Usermaatra Setepenamen Userma‘atre‘ Setepenamun Person Amenemope
Takelot I
Osorkon III
Shoshenq III
Osorkon IV
Usermaatra Setepenra Userma‘atre‘ Setepenre‘ Person Ramesses II
Shoshenq III
Usermaatra Setepenra Meryamen Userma‘atre‘ Setepenre‘ Meryamun Person Ramesses VII
Userra Setepenptah Userre‘ setepenptah Person Psammuthis
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Wadi   Term   
Wadi Abbad   Place  
Wadi Digla   Place  
Wadi Fayrouz   Place  
Wadi Gawasis Wadi Gasus Place  
Wadi Hammamat   Place  
Wadi Hof   Place  
Wadi el-Hol   Place  
Wadi el-Hudi   Place  
Wadi Kubaniya Wadi Kubbaniya, Wadi Kubaniyya Place  
Wadi Maghara   Place  
Wadi el-Muluk   Place Valley of the Kings
Wadi el-Qash   Place  
Wadi el-Sebua Wadi es-Subua, el-Sebu'a Place  
Wadi Sikait   Place  
Wadi Tumilat   Place  
Wadj   Person  
Wadjkheperra Wadjkheperre‘ Person Kamose
Wahankh Wah ankh Wah‘ankh Person Intef II
Wahibra Wahibre‘ Person Psamtik I
Wahkara Wahkare‘ Person Bakenrenef / Bocchoris
Wannina   Place  
Wegaf   Person   Khutawyra
Wehemibra Wehemibre‘ Person Nekau II
Wennefer Onophris God  
Widan el-Faras   Place  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Yuya   Person  
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Preferred spelling Alternative spelling Category Equivalent
Zawiyet Umm el-Rakham Zawyet Umm el-Rakham Place  
Zawyet   Place  
Zawyet el-Aryan Zawyet el-‘Aryan Place  
Zawyet el-Mayitin Zawyet el-Maiyitin Place  
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